Activity 2.1

Communication and Dissemination plan

Production of a complete plan at the beginning of the project to guide all partners throughout the entire project in each activity concerning the communication of the existence and visibility of the project, how, when and where to disseminate project results.

Clear guidelines on graphic identity (colors, fonts, shapes and styles) for project materials

Activity 2.2

Communication templates and graphics

Production of templates for project dissemination materials based upon the guidelines of the communication and dissemination plan (Word template, powerpoint template, flyer template, Roll-up template)

Activity 2.3

Communication and dissemination activities

All the activities focused on the communication of results that could require minor expenses (conferences, promotional videos, podcasts, TV presence, press conferences).

Activity 2.4

Project website

Hosting , design, creation and uploading of the project website. The site will store project news, partnership info, IOS descriptions and all other kind of news that the consortium will deem relevant. The website will also be the host location for all the online tools and materials that will be produced.