This WP will be aimed at setting up innovative services for startup and innovative ideas on the framework of the EUSAIR and the pillars priorities.

Activity 3.1

Development IO1 Trend Map of circular economy startups creation in Europe: Most innovative Food related business created in Europe

This is the first of the two propedeutic activities that will collect best practices. Here in particular, new trends in startup creation will be analyzed by selecting some best practice concerning innovative startups in the field of Food-related business using principles of the Circular Economy. Relevant findings will be used in other activities and for the production of some results later in the project.

Activity 3.2

Development IO2 Mindmap of best practices and open access material on CE entrepreneurship, focus on startups and food-related business.

This is the second of the two propedeutic activities that will collect best practices.

In this activity in particular, the partnership will engage in researching for available teaching and training material, articles, papers and guidelines in the field of Circular Economy with a focus on food related business. The mapping of existing material will be used first to help the spread of knowledge on the field of Circular Economy and secondly as a parameter to evaluate what is more important topic to deal with in the production of training materials in IO3.

Assessing what is available online and in general in the field of Circular economy business, will help focusing the production of th IOs toward less covered field of training.

Activity 3.3

Creation of an innovative clustering system and marketplace for start-up services – Supporting the creation of startups in the following areas: Sea green mobility; Bio security and biotechnologies; Energy efficiency and development of conventional and renewable energy sources.

Creation of an Open data system on database on marine issues. Services will be defined to support the start-up at every stage of development, from the birth of the idea, the seed capital, up to the exit strategy.

Activity 3.4

Disruptive growth hacking solutions for a unique Incubators’ Network – Incubators are the right solution to support start-ups in the early stage.

Drafting of a feasibility study for designing an innovative model of incubator in the Adriatic area and creation of training package and a mentoring programme, in the areas tested in 3.3 activity will be done.

This activity will also provide the HIVES transnational incubator network with a memorandum of understanding among advanced incubators and accelerators, an online set of services and tools.

Activity 3.5

This action foresees the drawing up of common management plan for the Adriatic incubators and innovative business supporting centres identified for supporting EUSAIR Strategy.

The working group in charge for the guidelines drawing up will involve operators of the above-mentioned centres and incubators. For each incubator involved it will be realized a business case including the identification of the best supporting program for its spatial and financial growth as well as for its positioning in relation to the four Pillars.