Innovative Tools

In this section is possible to find all innovative tools produced during the project.

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O1 - Smart Map - Trend in Circular Economy startups and innovative businesses around Europe

The first basic tool of the project aims at selecting relevant examples to be pointed out and marked in an interactive atlas (a navigable digital map ) that will collect best practices.

The smart map visualized in the digital atlas will gather in particular data on new trends in startup creation that will be analysed by selecting some best practice concerning innovative startups in the field of Food-related business using principles of the Circular Economy.

Tha map will allow a geographical assessment of the state of the art of the startup and business environment in the field of circular economy with a specialfocus on everything that is concerned with food business.

The map is an interactive tool where it will be possible to add and remove entries, find contacts and exploit the built-in community system to get in touch with “circular” entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial trainers/experts.

O2 - Mindmap of open access info sources, training and inspirational material on Circular Economy : food

The output is the foundation ground for a community based repository of available info, teaching and training material, articles, papers and guidelines in the field of Circular Economy with a focus on food related business.

Is not a simple library where to put documents and simply filter them until the research is done. Each Item will be linked conceptually to others, giving to the user the possibility of creating independent paths for their own knowledge. Even if there will be a simple and more straightforward research tool based on key words, each user could create its own path along every item by following interdisciplinary paths and not being caged by topic-based filtering.

It will be possible to involve a larger community of practitioner or merely interested subjects by giving them the opportunity to enlarge the knowledge base of this tool.

O3 - The Circular Entrepreneur pathfinder kit - ENFOrCES Training / Teaching materials

The teaching/training materials will not focus on students or potential entrepreneurs but it will give a different take on who is the main target of the teaching/training effort by training the trainers, empowering their ability to grow startups and help startup owners from the very beginning to the potential accession to markets.

The Output will be structured in area of interest, namely:

1) Ability to Self Assess

2) Management of Intellectual Property

3) FOCUS: Food and Circular Economy, opportunities and challenges

4) Ideas and models to train and help entrepreneurs

O4 - The Circular Economy Interactive Policy Library

This tool is the final component of the ENFOrCES online platform and will be disseminated in particular during the final conference looking for an audience of relevant policy makers. It will consist in a searchable collection of relevant policy in the field of Circular Entrepreneurship, Circular Economy and food related policies for business.

This tool will retain all the innovative feature of IO1 and IO2. It will be possible to involve a larger community, especially of policy makers or relevant stakeholders ( i.e. pressure groups) by giving them the opportunity to enlarge the knowledge base of the online repository of policies.

The tool is designed to feature additional kind of entries, for example to collect EU Funding opportunities for businesses that follow the principles of circular economy, both from direct and structural funds.